Sometime around 2 years ago – close to when I started this blog – a neighbor of ours unloaded, seriously, a truckload of bread at our place.  It was not full up the sides of the truck – but the entire bed of the huge diesel truck was one bread-loaf deep, and the whole thing was full.  I like to call that event Day of the Bread, or Breadpocolips, or – as I called it back then – The Great Bread Event.  As you can read for yourself in my blog entry, The Great Bread Event was actually broken up into two separate bread days that culminated into one huge bread event.  Oh, and just so ya know, even though I feel compelled to direct your attention to my older posts from time to time, I wouldn’t dwell there.  I really just wouldn’t dwell there if I were you.  In and out real quick.  That’s my motto.

Anywho… this here pile-o-bread is the latest in the bread events – and it’s like 1/8 of the bread of that bread event day.  It doesn’t happen all the time – in fact it’s been quite a while since we experienced a bread event, but when it does happen it’s sort of an off handed, sneak attack sort of thing.  Our neighbor comes by or calls and says – “Oh by the way – do you want more bread than you can eat in a month…right now?”  And being the weird losers that we are we always say “YES!!!!!”  Actually it’s more like “uh, ok.”  But thankfully, even though they had a minivan full of bread in their garage, we got away with just a smallish pile of bread this time.  And there’s actually some decent stuff – black bread, wheat nut type, sourdough, two kinds of english muffins, whole wheat bagels, hamburg buns (that’s the Vermont spelling :), but then the obligatory super sweet muffins, doughnuts, french toast maple bread and some mexican pastry bread that I can’t think of the name.  Oh and some squashed bread for the chickens.  They love that stuff.  The more squashed the better.   Most of it fit in the freezer, thank god – cause during the Great Bread Event of 2009 all we could do is put it in the root cellar, where it slowly got moldy.  Then I threw a bunch of it in the woods – actually I threw TONS of it in the woods – day after day after day – till the stupid neighbor dogs started rooting around and eating it.

Smooth move stupid neighbor dogs.