One winter when I lived in New York, there was this really cool snowstorm/blizzard that happened one afternoon and went through the night.  This was probably the winter of 2001.  There was like a foot and a half of accumulation and I totally dug it.  One of the things I did was go out in it at night at take some photos of the neighborhood I lived in at the time – Astoria, Queens.   I used super high speed black and white film to get a really contrasty, grainy image – and I totally loved the results.  These are some of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken.  They look exactly like I wanted them to – like I pictured them in my mind – and pretty much the way I wish the world always looked.  Except for the times I wished it looked like a 70s movie.  
I put watermarks on these cause I figured I should.  It’s kinda distracting – but I’m sure you can deal.

This last one is from the Coney Island Mermaid Parade sometime around 2000/01.  I thought I’d throw it in cause it’s so crazy bright and contrasty and funny.  Dig that devil baby!!