There has been a lot of fancy, crafty activity in my fancy, crafty world lately!   I’m still doing the scanning and whatnot – which is cool – and I will share more of that – but, even fancier is there has been cassette tape copying!!!!!  After much research and sitting and thinking and looking and more sitting and a little more thinking and some wishing that I someone else would just do it for me, I figured out how to hook a tape player (generously donated by my boyfriend, Baron) up to my computer.  And all it cost me was $3.80.

So for my very first link to my very first download of my very own – I present you with a track from a children’s album that my sister and I listened to WAY more than we did our grandma.  The album is Peter Pan from the Rocking Horse children’s record collection.

There were 6 tracks on the record and the one I am posting is Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.  This was one of our absolute favorites.  I will post the rest when I figure out how to post a whole album.  Until then you can just listen to this track over and over and over.   This copy was actually made off of a cassette tape recording of the album.

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

I redirected the link for this track to my post with the full album.