I’m so psyched.  I thought I might have gotten rid of this before I got my scanner – but no!  Here it is!
Man, I used to love this thing.   I remember my mom bought my sister and I each a Colorforms set before we went on this train trip to visit some friends of hers.  It was my first train ride ever – so that was thrilling – but I totally remember being super psyched about this set too.  
Here is the board that the Colorforms go on.

 And the insert that tells you what to do.

And the Flintstones!

They’re kinda beat up – but they’re there!  Yay!  I’d love to cut these out and make pictures with them and the background in Photoshop.    Oh – I just noticed – it looks like I might be missing a Wilma head.  Oh well.  At least I have one!