Enough of the shirking, and the skulking, and the gadding about town.  I have put this blog post off so long that I built it up to some kind of unattainable event in my mind with thrills, spills and chills coming at you, my patient reader, from every possible angle in the universe.  I had ideas for recipe posts, crafty goings on, horror movie houses, geese candid shots, garden updates, new appliance updates…the list goes on and on.  Instead I am just gonna show you these…

Some photos I took in NYC when I lived there and was studying photography.  I had a big obsession with run down stuffs, oh and bathrooms, and rotten food.  I’ll just post a few for now – and maybe do another post like this again soon.  These are all scans of prints that I had done and am kind of weeding through.  I can’t bring myself to get rid of the negatives though – hundreds if not thousands of them.

The photo above is the old Cyclone roller-coaster at Coney Island.  I’m pretty sure they tore it down by now.  In this photo it is surrounded by a fence and a field – so you can’t get up close to it.  You can actually see it in the movie Requiem For A Dream.  I couldn’t remember the name of that movie (cause I’m getting old and my pea brain is constantly shriveling) and I found this site online.  Pretty cool.

This photo I took when a friend of mine and I snuck into the Chelsea Hotel  (the desk guy said we couldn’t go up unless we knew someone in the hotel so we waited till he was distracted and ran up the stairs – heh).  We just wandered around the halls and took random photos.  Here’s another one I took to add to my bathroom series.

Pretty clean community bathroom.

This next one is a shot of an apt/storefront at night on 14th Street.  I used super high speed film at night to get really grainy, contrasty images.  Actually I used the super high speed film on pretty much everything.

And this one was taken some morning on the Lower East Side.

Same high speed film action.

This next one is color.  I got really into doing this thing where you take color slide film and, if I remember right, overexpose it, then have it processed like negative film and what it does is make all the natural sunlight in the image appear blue – and the images are super contrasty and grainy too.  I don’t remember exactly how it’s done but it doesn’t really matter now since everyone uses photoshoppe.  

I like in this photo you can see the difference between the blue lighted area – which is the natural light – and the inside area – which is probably fluorescent light and is more yellowy-green.  This was in Chinatown.

 OK.  I finally got that monkey off my back – and I hope you all liked looking at these photos.