So here is another chapter in the fermented nut cheeze story of my lacto fermentation quest.

Or is it another chapter in my lactic fermented nut cheeze quest story.


I’m actually watching Bored to Death right now and am having a really hard time focusing on this post.  And I bet you thought you always had all of my attention.  Um…nope.  This show is really funny.  I don’t know how I heard of it cause I’m kinda out of the loop on most TV – but I put in on hold at the library and just started watching it.

Anywho…a week or so ago I made a modified version of this Almonnaise (vegan gluten free mayo) as a dip and it was really freaking good.  I used way less oil (like 1/4 c) and ate it with some of my crackers and on some sandwich things.  Instead of grinding the almonds in the recipe myself I used almond meal/flour.  I wanted to make some more this week and I didn’t happen to have any more almond flour, so I improvised – and man oh man did it work!!!  I used the remaining cup of fermented nut cheeze I had in the fridge and it turned out grand!  Grand, I tell you!  I also made another dip/spread thing that I would like to share as well.

Carol’s Fancy-Ass Fermented Nut Cheeze Spread/Dip

1 cup fermented nut cheese
approx 1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp dried herbs (I used thyme and sage)
1 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup (or more if you prefer) safflower oil
1-3 Tbls lemon juice

Put nut cheese and water in a blender and blend and add more water till it’s creamy and the blender seems happy with the whole arrangement.  Add all the seasonings and blend a little more.  Then, with the oil you will be making mayo – and if you have never done that then you will now.  You put the amount of oil that you want to use (less makes it more dippy, more makes it more mayonaissey) into a measuring cup and take that center part out of the blender lid and trickle the oil into the blender while it is going and it will slowly make an emulsion that will then be a dippy/mayo.  Then blend in the lemon juice.  It will be pretty runny at this point – whether you make it with the almond meal or with the nut cheese – but after it’s been in the fridge a while it will thicken up a lot.

The other spread thing I made is this stuff that I used to make a long time ago.  I used to own this book called The Book of Miso and the one thing I remember from it that I LOVED was this miso spread thing that they had a bunch of variations in there.  It was basically miso mixed with whatever you want and then spread on bread or put on rice.  The main one that I made was mixed with peanut butter and honey. Trust me it was GOOD – sweet and salty and peanutty and so freaking good.  But you could also do tahini or some other nut butter and no honey and add just about anything like orange juice or garlic (probably without the honey) or other herbs or seasonings.  Anyway – it is just really good.  So what I did was substitute the fermented nut cheese for the peanut butter – so here is a vague version of my recipe for that.

Miso Spread

1/4 cup miso
1/4-1/2 cup fermented nut cheese
2 Tbls honey – more or less

Mix all together according to your tastes.

So, one morning this last week I was trying to put together a travel breakfast cause I was leaving early and was gonna be gone all day and I came up with this sandwich thing.  I used kamut bread cause I had it – but normally I would use regular bread or a raw wrap thing.  I put the mayo spread on both pieces of bread (mostly cause the kamut bread is really dry) and then a layer of the miso spread and then a whole bunch of sprouts and it was actually really good.  I know I keep saying that – I guess you’ll just have to try it for yourself.

So anywho…those are the dippy recipes and the other stuff on the plate in the photos is the fermented nut cheese crackers I posted last time as well as some zucchini crackers I made that are really good too and some cheezy kale chips.

There are a bunch of recipes for kale chips out there that you can find on youtube or on raw food websites so I won’t post it here unless I get a barrage of comments begging me for my recipe.  Or unless I feel like it.