Ok – since I actually had someone not related to me leave a comment recently I made up my mind to do some actual, real posting action (but also so as not to appear like the laziest blogger that ever was – oh, too late).

Besides that I have started to hear chanting outside my bedroom window coming from the throngs of readers that have gathered around my house, begging me to thrill them, even just a little bit, with my vegetable-soup-like-mix of bad grammar, spelling errors, chapter-long sentences and edgy, razor-sharp wit that could shave the hairs right off the legs of the tiny spider that is crawling up your leg.  HA!  Anyway – this here is one more addition to my horror dream house theme – one of the many I still have back logged on my computer.  So if you wish real hard and say some sort of weird incantation – who knows?!? – I may start doing all this on a more regular basis again.  So without further bla bla bla…..

The house that is featured in A Tale of Two Sister is just stunning.  It has a weathered, beach-mansion feel on the outside and a super elegantly creepy atmosphere on the inside – and is tastefully decorated to boot!

We’ll start off with the fabulous entry of this really interesting house.  I absolutely love the dark wood trims and whatnot that occupy almost every square inch of this house.  From the outside, the house looks very nice and beachy and homey (albeit mansion-like), but on the inside you are immediately transported to creepytown.  With the combo of dark trims and low lighting this house just screams Ah! – but in a really beautiful sort of way.




I won’t be going to the bathroom in the middle of the night in this house, thank you very much.  But that’s not much of a price to pay when you consider this absolutely gorgeous kitchen/dining room combo.

Once again we see the dark wood trim and french doors, but there are also lots of other cool colors and patterns and textures going on here.

The details throughout the house are amazing – like that cool chandelier and the patterned rice paper french doors.

In every room there are tons of cool antiques and knick-knacks and the wallpaper is amazing – but especially in wallpaper in the dining room (which also happens to the the background in the title sequence).

The blue metal kitchen unit is too freaking cool for words

and the mother flippin red tile floor – OMG!

I think we all know what happens here – so we’ll just swiftly move right along…

The incredible patterns and textures throughout the house are just amazing.

Everything has a heavily layered antique look and all of the fabric from the rugs to the bed spreads are either brocade or patterned in some way- so cool!

Even in the inky darkness you can see the details

and the color combinations

and the interesting accessories and fixtures.

Even on the exterior of the house there is so much going on when you look real close.

Check out the combo of weathered wood and finished wood and white tile and ornate bench and funky old switch-plates and the delicate but ornate curtains.  The amount of stuff going on in this house is mesmerizing.

There is also an ornate gate that will probably only serve to look gorgeous and keep out anyone who might be trying to help you escape from the truly creepy ghosts.  Oh well.

I know what you’re thinking, and before you start whining or pointing your boney little finger at anything I’ll say it out loud…there is no cellar in the Two Sisters house.  😦  Yes, that does make Craftypants Carol kinda sad.  I mean there could be a cellar that they just don’t show in the movie – one that is so cool and nifty that they just had to keep it to themselves – like a really cool, dark, damp secret.  But when taking into consideration that many Koreans bury their kimchi in the ground I think we can probably assume that this little outdoor area is where Craftypants Carol would be storing her canned goods.

BUT…this house does have a feature that sort of makes up for the lack of cellar space…

A really really big greenhouse!  How cool is that?  I mean if one were to just focus on growing ones greens – napa cabbage and bok choy for example – in this monstrous greenhouse and then one were to bury the resulting mix in the ground and waited a good while – what more would one really need?  I mean this could essentially be the more health-conscious “spa” version of all of the Home, Sweet Homes because you not only have a place to grow your leafy greens – but you also have fields of wheat or something in which to prance around in.

Actually, there are not only the fields of wheat and such – but the house is surrounded by rolling wooded hills and sits right on a freaking lake.

So you could get in a good hike and swim and maybe even catch a fish or two to add to your healthy meal before retiring for a sleepless, creeped-out night.

You know that’s what I’d be doing all night, anyway.

So, to recap the super ultra pros of this house we find…

1.  Decor so cool, it kinda hurts
2.  Kitchen and dining room that you would never want to leave
3.  Huge greenhouse…um hello!  Does anyone else have that to claim?
4.  Wood, lake, isolation – oh and a fancy, sturdy gate to keep all the ghosts in.
5.  Kimchi buried in your back yard

So, with some minor lifestyle adjustments with learning how to preserve in the tried and true Korean below ground method and the never sleeping again thing, I think this house is a definite contender.

All Imdb says about the filming location is some really long Korean name in South Korea – which is fine by me.  I’m not super picky when it comes to beautiful places in far off lands.  Ok – maybe I am a little.