Am I one lucky lady or what?!?!  Because of my fancy guessing footwork and unmatched skills in passing on recipes, I won my very own Kindertrauma mug!!!  You can go back in time and follow along with the edge-of-your-seat madness to witness how this feat was pulled off HERE.  I absolutely LOVE how appropriate it is that I won this mug in a horror kitchen themed Funhouse.  
Here is a shot of my beloved mug and the Kindertrauma website – just so you can see how aesthetically pleasing it is for me each morning while I drink my hot beverage and gander at the days kinder-viewings.  

So, anyway.  You’re probably asking “Why no crafty posts lately, Craftypants Lady?”  “What gives?”

I dunno.  I keep thinking of things to post – like the dehydrated crackers I’ve been making lately, or the other Valentine gift toppers I put in my Etsy store, or the nifty xmas dish towel I have been embroidering for myself.  And do I tell you, my loyal readers about these crafty goings on?  No.  I blather on and on about some mug I won because I guessed the name of a horror movie.

You may have already figured this out – I think I just did this very second – that my blog has big a crush on Kindertrauma.  Oh no!  If Kindertrauma finds out do you think they’ll make fun of me in the hall and pass notes to the other horror websites about what a dork my blog is?  I hope not.  Best to lay low for a while and quietly sip from my Kindertrauma mug in a dark closet.