I know you’re all looking at this ramshackle hut and thinking – what ev’ Craftypants more like Crazypants Carol.  What’s up with the shack?  Well, what if I took you around to the other side and you saw this…

And what if I put you in a boat and rowed you out in the lake and you saw this…

You wouldn’t be so sassy then, would you?  And what if I showed you the cool tower thingy

and the really neat stone wall area

and the super cool iron gate that would keep you all safe and snuggly.

You may be saying “maybe I was wrong about that Craftypants lady,” but you haven’t even been inside yet!

Now, you may want to disregard images like this

or this

if you are squeamish at all about anything having to do with hard labor.  But don’t forget that there are people you can hire to do your dirty work…

and you know that’s what I’d be doing!

But let’s just take a step back and talk about what’s really important.  Boobie hallucinations.

Sorry, to those of you who find the naked body something to be shunned and covered over like so much rust on an old clunker to be sold to a hapless would be motorist.  If it bothers you that much then just look away, by gum.  Just look away.

But for those nudie enthusiasts out there, I tell you it can be found in this bizarro little movie.  There’s the previously mentioned boobie hallucinations that are rife with nudie boobies, there’s plain old sex, and there’s and orgy.  Yes, an orgy.  A romping, rollicking, moonlit, gad about good time filled with full frontal, backal, sideal and every other view of a bunch of naked people.  Including a 40-something Robert Culp.

There’s a hint of Let’s Scare Jessica to Death here – with “You crazy!”  looks being cast at poor Robert by his wife – and voices in the shadows; and there’s lots of time in between the moments of action to go to the bathroom or get a snack or smoke a cig, if you wish, cause this baby’s a bit slow.  But oh what a grand house this will be after it’s fixed up and Robert can move in and ditch the trailer.

This moment actually brought a tear to my eye, because those of you that know Craftypants Carol well know that she and her bf lived in a trailer for almost a year while their house was uninhabitable.   I feel your pain, Robert!

So, the time has come to see how this house stacks up in comparison to other dream homes, and I have to say…holy crapola!  This place just rocks my world!

I’m a bit confused about the kitchen cause in a pic I already posted up there a ways, but will post again to ease up on the confusion potential, it looks like there is a gargantuan kitchen.

I mean that looks like it could be a huge old industrial style stove and vent and the walls are tiled – but it’s really hard to tell.  And on top of it, in a later scene, we see the lady of the house standing in what looks like a much smaller, and more obvious, kitchen.

Could it be that they are the same room?  There is white tile on the wall in the second photo.  Who knows.

And now, for the best, the ultimate, the coolest part…we go down into the cellar.

Very nice, and dark, with all sorts of accouterment to play around with – jars and lanterns and pitchers and hunks of old timey metal, AND….

Whaddya think she’s pointing at?  Huh?  You’ll never guess.  I was blown away.  A tunnel!

They don’t even know where it goes.  That’s just so freaking cool!  I would love to have a tunnel to explore right under my house.  I would need someone to come with me and hold my hand, of course – but still…a tunnel!  Wow.

Before I let you go I have to give you just one more thrill.  Dig Robert as he is about to board the Starship Enterprise…

He looks so sad, like he’s going on a long trip, far far away.  Oh, just beam me up already, Scotty – is what he’s thinking – cause he’s too crazy for this world.

So what have we got here:

1. Gorgeous huge house on a lake, with a dock and a tower thingy
2. Kitchen of unknown proportions – but very promising nonetheless
3. Cellar. With. A. Mother. Freaking. Tunnel.
4. Oh, and a fondu pot!

Imdb has no specifics, but says that it was filmed in Canada, My Canada.

I think I love you A Name For Evil house.