Last night I heard about the movie 127 hours for the first time.  You see, I live in the country with no TV service and I rarely listen to the radio.  So I basically have to rely on sheer luck as a way to come across news or popular culture info and whatnot.  Of course the thing that caught my attention was all the hoopla about the fainting and seizures, so I had to look into it to see what was what.  I read a bit and watched some trailers – which are a whole lotta nothin’ much – and then wound up watching this TLC clip of the real guy describing what it was like to amputate his hand – or lower arm – or whatever.

Before I watched this clip I was saying to Baron that the only thing in movies that has ever moved me in the direction of queasy is seeing or hearing vomit or oozing puss filled grossness.  Too much torture gore can make me unhappy – but blood just never makes me queasy.  After I watched this clip I was queasy – and there isn’t even a smattering of blood to be seen – btw.  Just hearing him describe what he did was enough to send me over the edge.  I felt all limp and lifeless…and then I looked over at my boyfriends laptop and saw this.

My boyfriend was looking at a slide show of cross sections of sandwiches.   And even through all my queasiness I laughed at the sheer irony.  We were both laughing actually…and then Baron started narrating each sandwich cross section as it streamed across the screen.

In this one he was showing me the muscle tissue and the tendons and blood vessles.

And then came his favorite one that had a cross section of bone.  He loved this one so much that he insisted that I add it to my blog so you can all see it and enjoy his bizarre sense of humor…like me.

The whole slideshow can be found here, if you are interested.  Feel free to combine the TLC vid with the slideshow – it’s an experience like no other.