More blog?  You say.

Yes!  I say,

More canning?  You say.

Indeed!  I say.

More pies?

Oh yeah!

More mindless blather?

You know it!

Remember that humongous, bizzarro, mongoloid tomato from days gone by?  Well, here it is in all it’s freak show glory.  Notice that bit of light coming through the center?  It’s really like 3 or 4 tomatoes in a circle.  This is the product of the tomato flower I posted eons ago and was all “What’s up with this?”  Well, this is what’s up.

And here is another pie shot.  A rhubarb pie I made a few days ago from the last of the rhubarb pickin’s from my neighbor’s patch.

The pie was 4c of ‘barb with 1 1/3c sugar, which Baron thought was a bit too sweet – but then again…a pie that is too sweet for me?  Not possible!

I’ve been canning like a mofo lately – both regular style and lacto ferment style.  Here’s some saurkraut I just made.

That there in the back is some salsa I made from the massive amounts of tomatoes from my garden.  I have so far gone through about half of the tomatoes (a lot are still not ripe and may wind up as green tomato somethingorother) and the tally is 53 pounds.  About half of them are the size of my hand.

Unfortunately the weather in the Portland region has been shit for tomatoes this year, so all of my tomatoes, except the cherries (of which I have buckets) are mealy.  They are actually really juicy – probably cause I watered them really well, with pond water, which is, I think, why they are so huge.  But cause of the low temps for a lot of the summer, I guess it was like they were sitting in the fridge at night.  But they are making great tomato sauce, salsa, zacusca and lacto fermented tomato juice.

I also have been lacto fermenting tons of green beans.  Supposedly they stay crisp and if you soak them before you use them it takes away some of the sourness, so you can cook them or eat them raw later.
I’m pretty psyched about trying them – but I’m not gonna break into them till after my crop is done – cause I’m still getting 1-2 pounds of beans a week.

I did some zucchini marmalade, pear butter, rhubarb syrup, blackberry syrup, fermented blackberry syrup, blackberry juice, dilly beans, lacto fermented crookneck squash, lacto fermented green tomatoes, lacto fermented onion tops, zacusca (a tomato, pepper and eggplant spread) and zucchini spread.  Oh and yesterday I canned 9 quarts of whole tomatoes.

So what am I gonna do with the rest of the tomatoes?  Something easy hopefully.  I’m kinda over the 6 hours of toiling in the kitchen for a batch of something biz at this point. Easy and breezy, that’s my motto.

It’s been a while since I posted a video clip for your entertainment.  How ’bout this…