It’s been a while, so my plan for today is to watch horror movies all day (not unlike yesterday, actually), and post multiple, much anticipated entries on my blog.  That photo up yonder is a dish towel that I embroidered for my sister.  It is a replica of a drawing I did in my youth.  And, no, I don’t get it either.

Here is the original

We found it a while back while going through some old stuff at the house we grew up in and were marveling at the sheer bizarreness of it.  I thought I’d preserve it for her in cloth form, so that she will be entertained by my certain strangeness whenever she dries her dishes.

I then went on to embroider another dish towel for her the following year.  I thought, since the first one was a blast of our childhood yore, why not a clip from one of our favorite childhood horror movies!  This is my cloth rendition of Parker Stevenson singing “Sensitive, You’re Not” from This House Possessed.

And, the original…

As you can see, I had to actually embroider the “Sensitive You’re Not” on there so she would know what the hell it was.  Them’s some mad embroidery skillz I got!  Oh, and by the way, for you sticklers out there, I do realize that he’s not actually singing that exact song in that exact scene.  I just like the old fashioned TV.  Makes me weep with nostalgic joy.

Xmas is coming up, Jeanette…what will be next????