This morning I went out and picked 11 cups (3 1/2 pounds) of blackberries.  Thats a lot of pickin’ – esp considering I was picking wild blackberries – with not the easiest of access.

This is a photo I took with indoor lighting and a flash.  For some reason almost every photo I take in my kitchen makes the walls look freaky yellow-green.  It’s not really that freaky of a color – kind of a lime green.  Or maybe it’s like one of those situations where people with annoying kids don’t notice how annoying their own kids are…I don’t know.  It kinda makes the blackberries look like they are glowing.  I like that.

So anywho…this is the second time this week I have picked blackberries.  The first time I got 5 cups and made a pie.

This photo’s got some freaky contrast cause the flash totally washed it out and I goosed it up a bit with the paltry photo adjusting software I’ve got to work with.  

Today I made a double batch of blackberry syrup.  This here is one of those little bit’ leftover jars.

I was trying to make it so you could see through it a bit – but I failed.  It is so nice and blood red though.  It always looks like a bloodbath after I’m done making anything with black or marion berries.   It makes me wonder what my kitchen would look like if all food was this color.

I wound up with like 7 pints.  Not bad for all that sweat, scratches and spider dodging I endured.  I’m gonna try and pick them once a week and see if I can get another batch of wine going this year.  I think I’ve got a better picking technique going on this year.  I have scoped out more spots, and I fully use my and  branch cutter to clear the way to the prized berries – which always seem to be way out of reach.  Which brings me to a thought I’ve had for quite a while now.  I truly do believe that blackberry plants are mocking us.  Every inch of the plant is covered in hook shaped thorns (except the berry) and when you try and reach for the sweet, dark fruit you get nabbed and scratched from like 5 different directions.  And when you try to pull away you just get tangled up more.  I think the plants are laughing their asses off at berry pickers.  Plus that whole prized berry shit.  I mean seriously – ALL of the berries that you really really want  – the ones that look like the biggest berry in the world – are way the fuck up way way out of reach.  Taunting, laughing, mocking.  But I think I’ve got the upper hand this year.