Here at Craftypants Carol’s Fancy Crafty World we strive for diversity in content – and lots of hoopla and falderal.  As I may or may not have mentioned in the past – I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog to Craftypants Carol’s Feed Bag of Stuff and Things cause it doesn’t really seem to be about any one thing in particular.  Not that it has to.  Anyway – The name change is on hold for the present, and the content of this episode is, as the title suggests, 70s cult movies.

During the dark days of the top 10 willy inducing moments entry I became acquainted with a number of blogs that I totally dig (even though they haven’t all made it into the “blogs I dig” list on the right – give me time!), one of which is From Midnight, With Love.  The Mike put out a call for suggestions for folks top 5 essential 70s cult films and I sooo have something to say about that.  I was a little picky with my choices cause I wanted to add some things to the list that haven’t been mentioned yet…so, here are my 5 cents….

5.  Corvette Summer

I saw this one as a double feature with Grease during the birthday party for a neighbor.  The kids dad yanked us all out when he caught sight of all the boobage – which may not be much – but I think the kid was like 5.  It’s fun to watch – esp if you want to see Luke Skywalker being a schmuck – oh, wait, that was Star Wars.

4.  Looking for Mr Goodbar

I don’t know how much of a cult movie this is, but I really don’t ever hear anyone talking about it and don’t know many that have seen it.  That doesn’t necessarily make it a cult movie, but hey –  it’s got seedy bars, seedy apartments, drugs, scoliosis flashbacks, and a freaky death scene done to a strobe light – I mean damn!  I love this movie – and I love Diane Keaton.  She is fabulously fucked up in this movie.

3.  Car Wash

I don’t remember exactly when I saw this movie – it could have even been in the 80s – but I have loved it ever since I saw it.  Very good for the short attention span folks, or those that don’t need a lot of substance.  I watched it fairly recently and was surprised that it seemed to be lagging a bit.  But then again in my memory it was just a calvacade of car washing and joke telling set to music.

2.  The Phantom of the Paradise

If you want to read all about my double feature trauma with this movie you can go here.  I just think this is one of the coolest movies ever made, well, after I got over being traumatized by it, that is.

1.  Bloodrage (1979)  AKA Never Pick up a Stranger

I’m not exactly why I chose this one as number one.  It could be because I have absolutely no idea as to it’s cult status, or any other status for that matter.  The only reason I think it may be a cult movie is cause everyone that reviewed it on imdb hates it and I love it, and I never hear or read anyone talking about it…ever.  I guess I am the cult following – and it’s number one cause it has one cult follower – heh.  But this movie has it all – seedy Times Square in NYC in the 70s – at it’s pinnacle of seedyness, seedy strip clubs, seedy SRO motels, seedy people.  This movie is single handedly the reason for my early-in-life obsession with living in a SRO motel (which I did for a summer), as well as my desire to move to New York (which I did, but not until it became spic and span  and utterly depressing).

Ok – so I’m gonna send you my link, Mike – thanks for the cool idea.

By the way – I was soo bummed that some of the movies I wanted to add were, like, 1980 or 82.  I may do an 80s cult movie list all on my own.