I figured that since my last two post have revolved around pickles and sausages to some degree – that this would be the next logical step.
Just kidding.
I have never had pickled sausage or eggs – or pigs feet.  I have had pickled herring though – and I really like that stuff.  
Anywho, I thought I’d just post some photos of my garden.  Nothing too spectacular.  Everything is doing really well – I have big Black Krim tomatoes that look like they might be on the verge of turning

And tons and tons of cherry tomatoes that are turning red as we speak (isn’t that exciting!)!

I have 4 different varieties of winter squash – a french pumpkin (the kind that’s flat), a sugar pumpkin (the small guys), a kobacha (japanese with green skin), and 3 bush delicata plants.  All of them are doing really well – it looks like I’m gonna have lots of pumpkins for Halloween!

This is another tomato – I’m not sure what kind though.  I started a bunch of seeds and I had the containers marked but then didn’t mark what I planted where.  I know what pretty much everything is except the two plants in this pot – one of which is some kind of super duper freakshow mongoloid tomato.

Well, that’s about it.  I’m making burritos for dinner.  I whipped up a batch of refried beans in the oven today and some spicy meat  – can’t wait!!!

I was gonna put Devo’s Mongoloid video on here – but they don’t seem to have a video for that song – only live stuff – so here’s my favorite all-time Devo video.