All I can say is damn.

When the idea for this freakshow of a hotdog was born it was just a glimmer in this man’s glassy eyes.

I could see the wheels turning as he conceived of a sausage that could be sold in a cart from some unknown location.  A sausage that people would love and would make him rich.  A sausage that was better than any other sausage.  Where his ideas and mine begin and end is a bit fuzzy – actually the whole conversation is a bit fuzzy.  All I really remember was talk of alternating slices of sausage, pickle and possibly cheese and the whole thing deep fried.  And slapped on a bun.  I don’t remember how many years ago we had this conversation but the whole thing popped into my head again the other day – after I had purchased some of the incredible sausages they make at the Edelweiss Deli in Portland.

So, this is the first go at what could perhaps be Baron’s legacy.  I just did slices of sausage and pickle this time – no cheese – but I have a feeling that that is coming soon.   Here it is lying on the bun.  You can see the good friedness, but I think the best shot is that one up top where you can see the colorful slices.

We still haven’t come up with a name for it yet – but I’m sure it’s name will be as good as it is greasy.