Rhubarb Syrup
20 c or 5-ish pounds of cut up rhubarb
11 c water
8 c sugar
Bring to a boil and cook till the rhubarb falls apart – about 15 min.  Strain.  Bottle.  I wound up with about 9 pints.  
This is sort of an amalgamation of various recipes I found online.  Some with equal parts sugar to rhubarb, some with less, some with more water, etc.  The last batch I made was 
1 c sugar
2 c water
1 # (or 4 c) rhubarb  
and that was fine – I just thought I’d make it a bit sweeter – so instead of double the sugar I did like 1/2 more.  
This is really really good as a substitute for the sweet/sour part of an Old Fashioned.  That’s Don Draper’s drink and I just had to give it a go – so this last birthday I had one and it was pretty good.  I’ve had a few more around town – all with soda water – which is a more modern take – but I like it that way.  I thought I’d switch it all up a bit and throw some rhubarb syrup into the mix and it’s really freaking good!  So here’s that recipe:
The Old Rhubarb
Put ice in a tall glass.  Add
1 or more shots of vodka (Stoli Raspberry was particularly good!)
a couple of glugs of rhubarb syrup – maybe 1 oz or more – depending on how sweet you like it
fill rest of the way with soda water
throw in an orange wedge to make it all fancy