This is by far one of the best vintage ads I have seen in my LIFE!  Potty mouthed 8-track or cassette tapes designed to get your party jumpin’ with the comedy stylings of none other than:

Bea Bea Benson
Pearl Williams
Belle Barth
Buzzy Greene
Laroy Daniels
Mantan Mooreland, Roosavelt Myles and Janet Taylor

Never heard of any of them?  I’m sure none of the Penthouse readers back in 1973 had either!  But man-o-man if I could only get my hands on these today!   Especially that Buzzy Greene tape.  How could that not be good?  And if I’m not mistaken Lawanda may be none other than Aunt Esther of Sanford and Son fame.  Who knows?

Brother Eat More & Sister Full Bosom
“A set of swinging sermons, rapid fire jokes, jive and sexy sinful sermons from far out Sunday school.”

Too Much!