Warning: Not for the super easily scared – you know who you are….

On one of the many horror blogs I have been skulking around lately, a fabulous idea was started and it immediately spread throughout many a horror blog in the vast horror blog community. What blog, you ask? The Horror Digest. And that great idea is the Top 10 Willy Inducing Moments. I totally love this idea and have been checking out different people’s lists here and there (Kindertrauma actually has a pretty good round up if you are interested) and have finally decided to do my own. Now, I am aware that my loyal followers are not necessarily comprised of a high quotient of horror lovers – hence the warning – but I think if you give it a chance you may learn something. What that is, I do not know.
10. The old lady from This House Possessed
This lady scared the crap out of me when I was a kid watching this 1981 made for TV movie. She’s creepy enough here – but in a final scene she is blown into a swimming pool that the possessed house has heated to the boiling point (?) and the shot of her face in the pool is just so damn creepy!
Try, if you can, to resist the urge to watch part 1 with the scene with Parker Stevenson singing “Sensitive You’re Not!”
Now, I do admit that the impact of this scene would be (and was) much greater on a child – so don’t feel bad if you don’t get the willies from this one – it’s number 10 remember….
9. Karen Black’s face at the end of Burnt Offerings
Another blast from my past. I saw Burnt Offerings numerous times on TV as a youth and, after that first fateful viewing, could not bring myself to actually watch this scene until I was in my 30s. She’s really got something freaky going on there! I mean look at her!
8. The chruch/home of the The Creeper in Jeepers Creepers

The whole scene where the kids come up to the church in the very beginning is just so creepy to me. It is so dark and has so much tension not only cause they think they saw a body wrapped in a sheet dumped down a pipe here (after being chased on the hwy by a souped up serial killer truck), but also cause they don’t know if the freaky guy in the truck is gonna come back soon or what! It is so freaky! I could watch this scene a million times and still be afraid The Creeper was gonna come back at any moment. Here is the scene on youtube at about 5:00.
7. The ghost in A Tale of Two Sisters
I admit it – I am a total sucker for the asian ghost-girl extravaganza. I do feel that it has only worked really well in a few movies though, but when it worked, it freaking worked. Visually, I find this whole movie incredibly creepy and stunning at the same time. There are two ghost scenes that totally creep me out – the first is when the one girl is alone in her bed and she hears her door open and covers her head with her blankets and then feels them being pulled off of her from the foot of the bed. AHHH! The second is when the two girls are in bed together and the ghost crawls across the floor at the foot of the bed and then suddenly is standing on the bed. Man oh man. That’s some freaky shit. I will go into this more further on down the line – but it’s not what these ghosty faces look like or anything (which is where I think the American versions totally have it all wrong) it’s the freaky, unnatural way they move! I can’t find a still shot of the second creepy ghost scene so I’ll just add in a cool shot of the kitchen in the house.

And here is that scene…the action starts at about 4.00.
6. SH SH SH SHARKKK! scene in Jaws 2
Jaws has had it’s mention – and yes, it did freak the living shit out of me as a child – but the scene that ALWAYS freaks me out and has stuck with me throughout the years is the scene in Jaws 2 where they find the one teenage girl all alone in the small boat. Not only is that line pulled off in an incredibly harrowing fashion- it just gave me chills watching it again, but the thought of her out there all alone in that teeny boat, after her boyfriend is eaten right in front of her, on the silent ocean for god knows how freaking long. Damn!
This is a pretty funny clip – it’s videotaped off of a TV. Luckily the scene you’ll be looking for is right at the beginning of the clip. Here it is.
5. OK – back to Asian fright fest action. Tetsuo the Iron Man/Ringu
I am lumping these two together cause I feel like it. I could make them two separate entries but then I wouldn’t have been able to sneak and extra movie in right under your nose! Ha HA! So the deal here is, as I stated earlier, the freaky deaky way these characters move. When I first saw Tetuso I almost fell off my chair in fright (that’s a new one, eh?) cause the way this weird lady moves when she is, I think, turning the guy into Tetsuo is EXACTLY the way my mom moved in this horrible nightmare I had when I was younger. She sat down and lit a cigarette made all these extra, unnatural, unnecessary movements to do it and was looking at me the whole time. And the way the chick in Ringu moves is the same – only more lumbering.
Here’s what I’m talkin’ about…right at about 5 min.
And Ringu…get your freak on at about 4:25.
4. That damn lady (and her dolls) in Dead Silence
The whole thing, for me, was pretty damn hands-on-the-face scary. I remember when I very first saw the trailer on TV I said out loud (I don’t even know if anyone was in the room) “I am never going to see that movie.” Why? Magic, of course. For those of you not in the know Magic is a movie about a ventriloquist and his dummy that scared the ever loving crap out of every kid who had eyes to see and ears to hear in 1978. This movie has the overwhelming combo of super creepy dummies (there are many) AND my old nemesis – the creepy old lady face. In case you weren’t sure, I did see it – alone on PPV. And yes, if freaked the crap out of me. One of the scenes that creep me out the most is a flashback of this mortician when he was a kid and his dad was the mortician – with the embalming room in the basement of the house. He goes downstairs at night to check out the woman his dad is working on and pulls her casket over and it falls down and he falls down face to face with her on the floor.
Here is the trailer – no clips available.
3. Yule Brenner walking down the hall in Westworld
The music, the clicking, the eyes, the music, the clicking, the eyes. I don’t know which is worse. That is one freaky dude.
This is a pretty cool compressed version of the whole chase scene. The freakiest part is him walking (then running) down a long dark hall tunnel thing. But it’s all freaky! Click here.
2. Robert Blake’s face in Lost Highway
It’s all pretty creepy – every inch of this guy’s face in every scene that he’s in. But the ultra creepy moment is when it is superimposed onto Bill Pullman’s wife’s face after he wakes up from a dream and it’s dark in the room. This actually used to happen to me a lot as a kid. When i would be laying next to my sister in bed I couldn’t look at her face in the dark cause it would always turn into this
Another freaky lady face from my past.
The Robert Blake moment is here at 7:37. There’s sex so you have to sign in to watch it.

1. The Exorcist
Here’s the biggie. The grand master of all scary moments. It hails from The Exorcist but is not a scene with the little girl/demon in it. Yes, she scared the pants off me, and yes I do get a fleeting glimpse of that face in the nether regions of my mind every now and again – and I still don’t like it very much. The whole movie has such and overwhelming sense of doom, but the scene that really creeps me out is when the young priest take the tape of her voice back to his room with him and listens to it. What the hell is he thinking?!?! My god if I had a tape like that I’d be listening to it in broad daylight in a cafeteria full of Fame students to take a bit of the edge off. Sheesh.
It starts around 6:30 – but start anywhere you like and you’ll be creeped out.
OK – there you go. Cry if you need to – or just sleep with the lights on – cause I know you will!