I know, I know…you’re checking your wall calendar or your computerized virtual calendar or your phone-what-thinks and has lots of calendar-like gadgets and “apps” and you’re saying…”Craftypants Carol isn’t due for another blog post for another 6 months or so! What gives?”
Well, I’ll tell you what gives, mister! (or ma’am)! I, Craftypants Carol am attempting to turn over a new, much more productive, leaf. Partly cause I am feeling particularly ambitious these days, but also cause I have been startled into reality by the sheer amount of submissions that have noticed that I can post to another blog, while completely and totally neglect my own.
So I am taking back the night, as it were.
But first I may as well mention that other blog – that mistress of the night in blog form that I have been searching for all my life and that I have been sending my rambling posts to and have been reading obsessively for weeks now – Kindertrauma.
I love, love, love Kindertrauma. It is like someone looked deep into my soul and took a bunch of pictures and then had a big think-tank style meeting with charts and spread sheets and devised a blog about what they saw. The general gist is traumatic childhood moments relating to all kinds of media and whatnot – but it’s so much more than that! It’s witty and funny and so much fun to read cause it’s all maze-like and seems to go on for ever and ever!
I seriously doubt I am doing any justice to that site by babbling about it – so what you should do is go there yourself and spend about 5 hours or so, sifting through the rubble of all the memories and comments and determine for yourself how much more of you life you want to spend wandering the halls and looking at the pictures. I, myself, plan on moving in and renting a room sometime soon. I think I might decorate that room with the props from Tourist Trap or Dolls – and just never sleep again!
Ok – now on with the rest of my life!
I made another batch of soap the other day – and I thought I’d take some photos to put a little thrill into your day. So ready? Set? Go Be Thrilled!!!!
Ok – so there are admittedly not the most thrilling photos of the year – but they’re kinda interesting. This first one is of the fat melting in the pot. Ok – I just realized as I was typing this that it’s pretty damn uninteresting to see a photo of fat melting. But there it is anyway. So look at it, damnit!

This next photo is an even less interesting one of the scents I used to scentify the soap. Vanilla and Sweet Orange oil. Sort of a Creamsicle style soap, if you will.

But this third photo – what a grand photo this is! I snapped a shot of the song that was playing on my iPod so that you could actually feel the general atmosphere of the room while the fat was slowly melting. My man Daler Mehndi doing what he does best – entertaining me with his Bhangra ways.

These next two photos are of my garden. I built raised beds out of cinder block and old tires and it really doesn’t look half bad.
I have tons of tomatoes – around 20 plants or so, just to be on the safe side – and just about as many peppers. Lots of winter and summer squash, kale, chard, lettuce, radishes, beans, peas, corn, onions, etc, etc, etc…plus some strategically placed flowers – for beauty and whatnot.

I think I should have taken these photos at a more cloudy moment – cause the brightness sort of washes everything out a bit. Plus it all just looks so much more lush and beautiful in person. It’s hard to capture that.
I love it so much! It is a haven within a haven, surrounded by a whole bunch of crappy Canadian Thistle – which sucks – but we won’t go into that.

Ok – I’ll leave you be, for now.