Get a load of this baby! Me at Camp Tadmor in 1980 – which puts me at the ripe old age of 11. That’s me seated on the bottom row – second to the left. Jeanette (mein schwester) is the one standing next to me in that jaunty pose. You may be wondering why I am pinching the legs of my jeans and I’ll tell you a little secret. A secret that puts me in a very decidedly unfavorable light, however. In my twisted, tween, think-thin brain I had determined that if I lifted the material of my jeans that was encasing my ham-like thighs – it would somehow make them appear smaller. Did it work? Ha HA! No. It just made me look like an OCD nutcase that was ready to be shipped off to an asylum. Not to mention that hair. Holy cow what was going on there.
You may also note, as I did, that I do look a bit tall to be 11. You may have even said to yourself during that pants pinching confession – “No WAY! 11? I don’t THINK so!” And you would be wrong. I was actually very tall for my age back then. Everyone thought I was gonna be one of those tall, lithe types – but no. I’m short. I remember measuring myself in 5th grade on a measuring devise that was attached to the gym wall and noting that I was 5’2″ or 5’3″ – something like that – and guess what. That’s how tall I am now. I STOPPED GROWING! I had this particularly groovy green culotte and vest outfit that I wore a green turtlneck with (very sheik, I must admit) and this one kid would always call me the Jolly Green Giant. I have to find my grade school class photos so I can show proof, cause in one of them I am in the back row – WITH THE TALL KIDS!
Anywho… let’s see what else I can dazzle you with.

MMMM, that’s nizzze.